They Speak with Two Tongues

By Mark W. Swarbrick

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Every false doctrine Jimmy Swaggart Ministries promotes, they also deny. Jimmy says his revelation is new, his wife says it is not new. They say his revelation is in the Bible, but then turn right around and say no one in all of church history was aware of it and no one has it now but them. They say that everyone can see the gospel in the Bible, but then they say that no church but theirs has the true gospel.

Jimmy says God spoke to him in a great revelation that revealed the true gospel but they also say he merely got it from reading the Bible. They would vehemently deny that they teach that they are the one true church, yet they say that every other church is wrong but theirs and only they have the message of the cross, which they say, is the true gospel.

Jimmy claims to have been given more light than Paul and more light than anyone ever, but then Frances says he didn’t say that. Jimmy says you absolutely must put your faith exclusively in the cross, but then he says to put your faith in Jesus Christ and the cross.

Jimmy Swaggart would deny that he has set himself up as an infallible pope. But watch him on his Study in the Word program on TV and see how his yes-men kowtow to every wind of doctrine espoused by Jimmy. Try disagreeing with something Jimmy says to a Swaggarite and hear the death curses that will be pronounced against you for daring to disrespect God’s anointed. Swaggarites rail against denominations while at the same time they are busy establishing cross churches and building their own denomination with Jimmy as the chief prophet and pope.

Like crooked politicians, the Swaggarts practice plausible deniability, just the same as all the other cults do. As an American Indian might say it, “They speak with two tongues.” The Swaggarts deceitfully obfuscate the true diabolical extent of their heretical teachings. This is just one more of the many cultic attributes that separate Swaggartism from orthodox Christianity.

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