The Latest Scam

By Mark Swarbrick

Want to hear about the latest scam that the Democratic Party is pushing?  After four years of lies, innuendo, and wasteful fake investigations launched by political whim instead of real-world evidence, the corrupt Democratic Party continues their campaign of lies and deceit against one of the greatest Presidents America has ever known. Why are they doing this? It is because President Trump was so successful, so good for America, and therefore so popular, that they are scared to death that they won’t be able to cook up enough voter fraud to beat him in the 2024 elections. They are running scared, and that is why they are inventing lies by the dozen.

The headlines show us the latest scam. Extra! Extra – Read all about it!

Trump Pressures Raffensperger to Find 11,779 Votes to Overturn Biden’s Win in Georgia!

Trump Accused of ‘Criminal Extortion’ After Asking Georgia Officials to ‘Find’ 11,000 Votes for Him!

Fellas, I Need 11,000 Votes’: Trump Pressures Georgia Officials To Overturn Election In Leaked Audio Clip!

FBI Asked to Investigate Trump Georgia Call by Democratic Reps!

This sounds really bad doesn’t it? It sounds like Trump broke the law. But the truth is that this is all a misrepresentation and a bold-faced lie. President Trump did not do anything illegal. He did not ask anyone to manufacture eleven thousand votes out of thin air. He did not pressure anyone to overturn election results. Trump did not ask anyone to “find” votes for him. Nothing of the sort happened. I have read the entire transcript of the call. Just as with the Democrat lies about the Ukraine call, just like their lies about his January 6th speech, just like their lies that say Trump incited violence, when he didn’t, just like always, they are misrepresenting what was said and why it was said.

The link below gives the entire transcript of the call. Read it yourself if you don’t believe what I am going to tell you.

With Trump’s full knowledge, the phone call was recorded and transcribed, as all his phone calls were. Two of his attorneys were on the phone call with him. If President Trump was going to urge something illegal, do you think he would do it on a recorded, monitored call with two attorneys on the line with him?  The idea is absurd.

In this call, President Trump was speaking to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. It is common knowledge that Raffensperger is a RINO, that is, Republican in Name Only. One of the Democratic Party playbooks’ dirty tricks is identifying areas where they think a Democrat cannot win, and then running a liberal Democrat under the Republican ticket and fooling the voters. People will think they have elected a Republican, but they have actually elected a Democrat planted there in disguise. This is the type of sneaky scoundrel that Raffensperger is.

This phone call was intended to get Raffensperger to do his job, to investigate the massive election fraud in Georgia. Trump won the state by hundreds of thousands of votes, but because of all the fraud, Biden was able to carry the state by a narrow margin, just 11,779 votes. Anyone who looks at the transcript of the call can plainly see that President Trump and his attorneys were presenting the multiple instances of voter fraud, any of which would give Trump the needed 11,779 votes to win.

One of the instances Trump refers to is the security video that shows Democrats telling everyone to leave, and then, after observers are gone, they quickly and nervously pull boxes of ballots out that were concealed underneath a blanket-covered table. They frantically start running them. Some of them are run over and over and over to add votes for Biden. All of the ballots run were for Biden. None were for Trump, a statistical impossibility that screams fraud. By examining the video, it has been determined that about 130,000 votes were entered for Biden. Since Biden only won Georgia by about 11,000 votes, this one example of fraud, caught on video, would change Georgia’s election. In addition to these irregularities, there was also voter fraud via out-of-state voters, underage voters, dead voters, and no proper verification of absentee ballot signatures, evidence of forged signatures, and no postmarks on ballots that were supposedly mailed in.

These irregularities are what the phone call was about. Anyone can read it and see that. The Democrats are counting on low-information voters just seeing headlines and not looking into the real truth. As you read the transcript, you see President Trump trying to reason with a resistant rascally Raffensperger. The Democrat talking point had been that there was not enough election fraud to change the election results anywhere. Trump is showing that is erroneous. He says that if they would just look into it and examine the ballots, they would see enough fraud to demonstrate that the election was stolen. He says, for example:

“You’ll find at least a couple of hundred thousand…signatures of people who have been forged…And you will find you will be at 11,779 within minutes, because Fulton County is totally corrupt…I won the state…Because all we have to do…is find 11,000-plus votes…We won Georgia easily. We won it by hundreds of thousands of votes.

It’s in the 50s of thousands— and that’s people that went to vote and they were told they can’t vote because they’ve already been voted for. And it’s a very sad thing. They walked out complaining. But the number’s large. We’ll have it for you. But it’s much more than the number of 11,779 that’s — The current margin is only 11,779…the number that in theory I lost by, the margin would be 11,779. But you also have a substantial numbers of people, thousands and thousands who went to the voting place on November 3, were told they couldn’t vote, were told they couldn’t vote because a ballot had been put on their name. And you know that’s very, very, very, very sad.

We had, I believe it’s about 4,502 voters who voted but who weren’t on the voter registration list, so it’s 4,502 who voted but they weren’t on the voter registration roll which they had to be. You had 18,325 vacant address voters. The address was vacant and they’re not allowed to be counted. That’s 18,325

We had at least 18,000 — that’s on tape we had them counted very painstakingly — 18,000 voters having to do with [name]. She’s a vote scammer, a professional vote scammer and hustler [name]. That was the tape that’s been shown all over the world that makes everybody look bad, you me and everybody else.

You had out-of-state voters. They voted in Georgia but they were from out of state, of 4,925. You had absentee ballots sent to vacant, they were absentee ballots sent to vacant addresses. They had nothing on them about addresses, that’s 2,326…You know when you add them up, it’s many more times, it’s many times the 11,779 number…But you have to go back to check from past years with respect to signatures. And if you check with Fulton County, you’ll have hundreds of thousands because they dumped ballots into Fulton County and the other county next to it…So what are we going to do here folks? I only need 11,000 votes. Fellas, I need 11,000 votes…You know, we have that in spades already…that’s not fair to the voters of Georgia because they’re going to see what happened…there were 18,000 ballots but they used them three times…Every single ballot that she did through the machines at early, early in the morning, went to Biden. Did you know that, Ryan? And every single ballot went to Biden, and you didn’t know that, but, now you know it. So tell me, Brad, what are we going to do? …I think you have to say that you’re going to reexamine it and you can reexamine it, but reexamine it with people that want to find answers, not people that don’t want to find answers.

President Trump was not fighting for himself, but for the voters who had been disenfranchised by having their votes stolen. He was fighting for the people who showed up to vote and were not allowed to vote because some Democrat had voted in their name. He was fighting for Georgia residents who were cheated by out-of-state people coming in for a day and voting. He was fighting to show the injustice and illegality of Democrats secretly running the same Biden ballots over and over in the dark of night with no poll watchers to monitor, as is required by law. He wanted the illegal votes made in the names of dead people not to be counted. In short, all he was advocating for was a fair election.

As anyone can see, President Trump did not intimate that anyone should do something untoward or illegal. He was not asking for someone to manufacture votes illegally. Here is what he asked for: “reexamine it with people that want to find answers.” He was advocating for legality and fairness in the election. He was simply saying that the election was close, it was within about eleven thousand votes, and if they would just examine the evidence of fraud, it would be evident that they had carried the state. But since Raffensperger was, for all practical purposes, a Democrat, all of Trump’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

The Democrats got away with stealing the election in Georgia, and to add insult to injury; they now are spreading lies about this perfectly legitimate and legal conversation. The Democratic Party committed the horrendous and dangerous crime of election fraud, and they got away with it. Now they have the audacity to spread the lie that Trump is the one who did something illegal. It is a sad day in America when a president – who merely requests that a politician do the right thing, do his job, and protect voter integrity – is maligned and accused of wrongdoing when he is actually doing the right thing. There is simply no end to the dirty tricks the Democratic Party of Evil will pull in their efforts to hide their criminality.