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Swaggartism: The Strange Doctrines of Jimmy Swaggart

If you have a loved one caught up in Swaggartism you need to get this book for them!
Learn the Truth about the Jimmy Swaggart Scandal & False Teaching!
Is Jimmy Swaggart a false prophet?

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Available in Paperback and Kindle eBook – 266 pages of documented facts! See what Jimmy Swaggart says about his Message of the Cross revelation. See where he claims:

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This Book is the Antidote to Swaggartism

If you know someone who is being seduced by the siren song of Swaggartism, this book is the antidote. Cult watch ministries around the world have given warning regarding false teachings coming from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. They point to numerous unbiblical doctrines in their printed materials and broadcasts. Additionally, there are many accounts from former employees of JSM who testify to a plethora of unethical and abusive practices in the ministry. Read about the court cases, the plagiarism, the defamation suit, the print shop scandal, the murdered widow’s inheritance swindle, the land scandals, the misappropriation of children funds and the grand jury murder investigation that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has been involved in.

Something Terrible is Happening…

Jimmy Swaggart False Doctrine

There is something terrible happening to those who get involved with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, as many attest. There is a spirit of divisiveness and arrogance that many people absorb from the influence and teachings of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. The author has documented numerous testimonies from people who have been negatively impacted by JSM. They tell of family relationships destroyed because of the influence of this ministry. Such a large number of people having negative experiences with a ministry indicates that further investigation is warranted. This book is that investigation.

Includes Over Thirty Testimonies of People Who Have Been Affected By Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

Jimmy Swaggart False Teacher

Is Jimmy Swaggart a false prophet? Read what people say who have left that ministry or have had family members swallowed up by the cult. Actual testimonies such as the following are common:

“I am one of many who has a family member that is drinking the Jimmy Kool-Aid. My mother has left her church, turned her back on her family and friends and watches the Swaggarts 24/7. She has excommunicated me several times for months at a time because I won’t follow the Swaggarts…She talks so much against every church and how they are demonic. My heart is broken that she is living such a dark and lonely life.”

“What Pastor Mark wrote completely describes a friend of mine that I was not able to un-program. Swaggartism destroyed her marriage and then she turned on me for trying to help her.”

“My husband was a sweet Christian man, then after getting into Jimmy Swaggart’s Message of the Cross, he has become hard to get along with. He never laughs, smiles or acts happy! Is there any way I can make him see the truth about Jimmy Swaggart before it’s too late? Has my husband been brain washed?”

Jimmy Swaggart was one of the most famous televangelists of the 1980s. He has made a comeback and is now preaching dangerous false doctrines to millions of people, teachings that are warping the minds of those beguiled by the Swaggart cult. This book tells the history of Jimmy Swaggart from boyhood to today and delineates his false teachings and exposes them to the light of scripture.

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266 Pages of information about Jimmy Swaggart the false teacher. Learn the truth about Jimmy Swaggart false teaching and the Jimmy Swaggart Study Bible. This book tells all about Jimmy Swaggart false doctrine.

Table of Contents of Swaggartism.



Is Jimmy Swaggart a false prophet?

Find Out – Click Here to Orderthe Book From Amazon

About the Author

Mark Swarbrick attended the University of Illinois and he received his diploma in Ministerial Studies from the Berean School of the Bible, Global University, an accredited college affiliated with the Assemblies of God. He was ordained by the Assemblies of God and held positions as youth pastor and assistant pastor.  Mark was senior pastor of an Assembly of God in Arizona for five years. Mark currently holds ordination papers with Impact Ministries International. He is a published author and is an inspirational writer/speaker. Mark founded and maintains, a cult-watch website that exposes heretical cults and aberrant Christian ministries.

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This website has many articles exposing the errors of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries,. It is hoped you will take a look at them. They contain a great deal of information. However the book, Swaggartism, has additional information not listed here and it is organized in a comprehensive manner to provide a thorough understanding of the topics: Swaggart movement, Jimmy Swaggart Bible, Jimmy Swaggart false doctrine and Jimmy Swaggart false teacher, and Jimmy Swaggart false teaching.

If you have read Swaggartism and found it to be a blessing, please leave a review below in the comments.

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  1. I have finished reading your book: Swaggartism. I am so glad I decided to purchase this book! There is so much information in there we need to know to realize that Jimmy Swaggart is indeed preaching another gospel.
    I was in a cult myself, Jehovah’s Witness for 13 years. We left in 1983! We have never looked back. I was brainwashed and it took a while to get rid of that but with the Lord’s help I was victorious. The cults always have extra biblical information, they never rely on the Bible alone. Once I left I made the decision to read and know what the Bible said, so I would never be mislead again! This is why I knew something was wrong with JS and his doctrine The Message of the Cross. I decided to see if he was preaching another gospel. I googled it and found this web site plus many others. I found out that I was right…something was amiss. Thank you for your web site. I knew I heard a lot of double talk from Jimmy Swaggart…and I urge everyone to check this out. I was in the Watchtower for 13 years, left and found Christ in a week. I praise God that I found Jesus. He walks with me and he carries me through hard time. I pray none get mislead…I pray they those involved with JSM will take the time to check out what their Bibles actually say. Thank you for reading this.


    1. Hi Margie, I’m so glad my book was a blessing to you! Thanks for sharing the feedback. If you don’t mind, could you leave a review on Amazon? It will help my book rank better. I rejoice with you that you are walking with Jesus and exercising discernment. God bless!

      …Pastor Mark


  2. The bottom line was he was never really saved before he just thought he was. Now n he has the conformation of forgiveness that you get when you are truly saved. I got saved at home but I had to truly go to God at the foot of the cross the redemption for sin to truly repent you can’t fool God He knows if you really mean business. and what he did on the cross He died for me and when I truly believed he SET ME FREE and that’s the only thing God wants for his kingdom washed in his blood that he shed on calvary thats the meaning of the Cross . Amen Thank you God


    1. Hi JoAnn, Thanks for commenting. Your statement that Jimmy Swaggart was not saved when he visited prostitutes is contrary to what Jimmy Swaggart himself maintains. It would appear you want to believe this to try to excuse his sin. Although you are correct to say that Jesus desires people to be “washed in his blood,” your assertion that this is the ONLY thing God wants is incorrect. He wants us to have faith, to repent, to be filled with the Spirit, to live wisely and righteously, and to love others. Swaggart is wrong when he says there is nothing else besides the cross. There is a whole Bible full of important aspects to the Christian life. God bless,

      …Pastor Mark


      1. The finished work of the cross pays for our sins (justification)
        , it also gives us power over sin (sanctification) and it will eventually remove the presence of sin (glorification) when we enter heaven.


        1. Hi JJ, I totally agree with you. Its just too bad that Jimmy Swaggart’s “Message of the Cross” teaches something a little different and a whole lot more than that – things that are unbiblical.

          God Bless,
          Pastor Mark


  3. Hi Pastor Mark
    I’ve bought your book, not read it yet. I want to ask you something please.
    Bro Swag says that when people are filled with the holy spirit and saved, there then has to be evidence of speaking in tongues. Is that true?
    Its just I’ve never seen anyone speaking in tongues in UK and I don’t think it would be welcomed in the major churches. I don’t mind if people do this, but is it necessary evidence? If it is, no one here is getting saved.
    Also, my RC friend says all of the tongues are a known language from somewhere in the world. Are they?


    1. Hi Frances, thanks for buying my book, Swaggartism. Concerning the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: When a person is saved they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. There is no external manifestation of that. EVERYONE that puts their faith in Christ is born again and the Holy Spirit lives inside of them. That is called the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. All believers have that. A different operation of the Holy Spirit is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This happens after salvation. When that happens a believer speaks in tongues. Tongues is a language they have not learned. It can be an earthly language or a heavenly language. It must be emphasized that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues has nothing to do with salvation. You don’t need that experience to be saved. Furthermore, God can still use you in a powerful and anointed way even if you don’t have it. I do believe the experience is Biblical. I have experienced it myself. Nobody should ever be looked down upon because they don’t have it or don’t want it. Unfortunately that is exactly what Swaggart does. He wrote, “without being thus endued, the believer and the church are of little worth to the Kingdom of God.” That is an abominable statement. All believers are of great worth in the Kingdom of God. God bless and thanks for commenting.

      …Pastor Mark


  4. I hope you get this comment. My sister-in-law is into Jimmy Swaggart. The first testimony I read,about the mother, is exactly like her. She has given up on church, runs down .y pastor because he does not me tion the cross every week I did a research on Jimmy and told her he was a false teacher. She was so upset, she walked of my house. I prayed and asked the LORD if this man a man of God. Revelations 2:2 came into my mind. I grab my Bible and it said: ‘…you have tested those who claim to be apostles (teachers) but are not and have found them false.’ I told my sister-in-law to read that verse and she screamed at me, ‘I don’t want to know!’ Wow! She didn’t even want to hear from GOD’s word. She refuses to do the research on Jimmy Swaggart. It’s very sad. My question to you is: what will it be like for her when she faces GOD on judgment day? Does it matter that people follow false teachers? I am going to buy your book, it looks very interesting. Thank you that you have exposed Jimmy for what he really stands up for, a false teacher.
    God bless
    Mathilde Fisher


    1. Hi Mathilde, Thanks for commenting. If your sister-in-law has surrendered her life to Jesus and if she trust in him alone to save her, and is not trusting in being a Swaggarite to save her, then she is certainly saved. However being a Swaggarite will hinder her walk with God and cause her relationship problems with friends and family, as the Swaggart way is not one of love. It a cult that promotes anger and derision and abuse against other ministries and ministers. Love is not their central focus. I appreciate you ordering my book. Lots of information in it. You might want to order one for your sister in law and just have it shipped to her address. Just a thought. God bless,

      Pastor Mark


      1. I am responding to this comment because I can actually relate to it all. My heart breaks as I see and hear the deception in so many. The greatest commandment is love. I question salvation (I am not condemning) because of there judgement on others and lack of grace and love. Is it safe to say this is a spirit of jezzabel. I won’t consider myself a biblical scholar but I am well rounded I love to learn I’m a forever student. I simply can’t see this as God being ok with this. I had my mother’s cousin visit me and gave 6 books of his and continued to tell me that this is the only way nothing else. I was not giving an opportunity to speak she doesn’t know me or my relationship with father son and Holy Spirit. It was my 1st time seeing her in 11yrs.
        She shook and made weird faces to the slightest of truth I spoke. I refused to throw my pearls to swine as she criticized everyone other than jimmy and looked for ways to bait me.
        ? my husbands says to let it go. But I believe there’s more to this get together in my home. Pls. Pray for me and for those that need the grace to endure.


        1. Hi Julissa, thanks for your comment. Since your mother’s cousin gave you six books of Swaggarts, I think it would be fair for you to give her a copy of my book, Swaggartism. Tell her you will read one of hers if she will read one of yours. You never know, it might open her eyes. I will keep you in my prayers that God will give you the grace to answer the Swaggarites with a wisdom and spirit that cannot be refuted.

          God bless,

          Pastor Mark


  5. I DONT BELIEVE A WORD YOUR SAYING. I watch there programs and I would never think that. Especially when you say that its a cult. I only watch there church service when I cant make my church service but I do watch there other programing. And have been doing so for years!! The message of the cross is where it all started for everyone thank God. There is something wrong with you. You need to repent and ask God to forgive you. You cant believe everything you hear. Some people if they are upset with you for some reason will try and destroy you. Very sad especially if your a Christian!!


    1. Hi Suzie, I am so glad to hear you are attending a local church. Good for you! My prayers are with you as you walk with Jesus. If you ever decide you want the book Swaggartism, and money is tight, just let me know and I will pay for it and send it to you for free. I was interviewed on a podcast last week by someone who followed Swaggart for several years. We discussed how he totally accepted Jimmy Swaggart’s “Message of the Cross” but as time went by he began to see that it was not biblical. I think you would find our discussion interesting. The podcast of that interview is available for free at this link:–Mark-Swarbrick–Pt-1-e1ava0o

      God Bless,

      Pastor Mark


    2. Hi Suzie, I am sorry I have made you angry. To quote the Apostle Paul, “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16) I want to commend you for being involved in a local church. Good for you! I can understand how you feel and don’t blame you for your reaction to my words. Last week I was interviewed on a podcast by someone who followed Jimmy Swaggart for years, but as he matured he came to realize that many of the teachings of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries are not biblical. I think you would find the discussion interesting. You can listen to it for free at this link:–Mark-Swarbrick–Pt-1-e1ava0o

      You want the one entitled: Episode 10- Mark Swarbrick- Pt.1

      You are in my prayers. May God richly bless you as you walk with Jesus.

      …Pastor Mark


  6. I am so grateful for your help in definitions on the various subjects that are the cult not church of the Swaggarts.


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