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  1. I watched your video concerning your information on Jimmy Swaggart, and it was very enlightening and true. I live here in Botn Rouge La. about 10 miles from JSM , and I use to attend church there. As of april 2015 until now , God has moved on my heart a number of times and I ‘ve tried to reach out to Jimmy , donny, Loren ect. requarding their false doctrine and the expositor’s study bible. on francis and friends show (5-13-15) donny swaggart took almost the entire broadcast trying to put up a defense. The program is still in theirs and our archives. We have other interactions with them as well, and our only goal is to reach out in love and inform the followers of the error. Thank you.


    1. Hi Curtis, Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are trying to reach the Swaggarts with correction. Anything is possible with God! I pray your efforts bear fruit! So the show on 5-13-15 was them trying to defend against your correction? Very interesting. I would like to hear more about it.

      God Bless,

      Pastor Mark


  2. Yes , on 5-13-15 durning the francis and friends show, Donny swaggart put up a very strong defence . It should be still in their arhives , if not we have it recorded. He agreed that everything I shared was in agreement with what Jesus would say if He was hear , but he and the panal stated that no one could obey the Lord in that manner, so I sent him scriptures like…luke 6:46…mat. 7:21…mat. 5:16-20. I spoke pensonally with one of his ministers before this event and we went though the scriptures requarding their false message of the cross and when he realized that they were off beat with the bible, he said “well this a revelation”.


  3. I re-blogged you article on Swaggart’s Bible! I had already thrown mine away but ran across your TRUTHFUL article and felt led to share it in case some one has it or is thinking about getting it.
    God Bless!


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